Your Best Chance to Cure Apthosis Ulcers

In order to give ourselves the best chance of curing Apthosis Ulcers let’s take a look at:

* Understanding what Apthosis ulcers are.

* What causes Apthosis ulcers.

* What products can be used to give immediate relief.

* What products, foods, etc. should be avoided.

* Prevention- Things we can do to eliminate Apthosis ulcers completely.

Understanding what Apthosis ulcers are.

A more common name for Apthosis ulcers is Canker sores. These are painful, sensitive ulcer craters that usually pop up in the lining of the mouth and on the tongue. Canker sores are fairly common. Affecting about 20% of the population at some time or another. Women tend to get Apthosis ulcers/Canker sores a bit more frequently than men.

The Apthosis ulcers begin in the mouth as a small round swelling. These usually burst within a day and are covered with a whitish membrane. Although painful they are seldom associated with other diseases. The canker sores can take a week or more to heal.

Canker sore recurrences can vary widely depending on the individual Some people get a few while others get them continuously.

What causes Apthosis ulcers.

The medical community does not have an exact answer for the causes of Apthosis ulcers/canker sores. Food allergies, immune defiency, vitamin defiencies and stress all seem to be culprits in bringing on the painful ulcers. Lack of B12, iron, folic acid and vitamin C point to the vitamin deficiencies that may cause apthosis ulcers/canker sores.

Toothpaste is believed to be one of the top culprits in causing Apthosis ulcers. Sodium Lauryl sulfate is the ingredient in toothpaste that researchers think may cause canker sores.

What products can give immediate relief.

Products such as the benzocaine, lidocaine, camphor, and phenol are all numbing agents. (Lidocaine and benzocaine are common dental anesthetics. lidocaine is used by dentists as an anesthetic for numbing teeth. Benzocaine is used to numb oral tissues.

These products come as a liquid, rinse, gel, ointment or spray. brand names of these types of ulcer-numbing products are Orabase ®, Orajel ®, Kank-A ®, SensoGard ®, Tanac ®, UlcerEase ®, Zilactin ® and Anbesol ®. Make sure you read their directions and use them acordingly. these products are for short-term usage only.

What products and foods should be avoided.

Some of the dietary substances identified by researchers as being possible triggers for canker sore outbreaks are:

* grains: buckwheat, wheat, oats, rye, barley.

* Citrus Fruits and vegetables: lemons, oranges, pineapples, apples, figs, tomatoes, strawberries.

* Dairy products: milk, cheese.

* Foods like: nuts (walnuts), chocolate, shellfish, soy, vinegar, French mustard.

* Certain Additives: cinnamonaldehyde (a flavoring agent), benzoic acid (a preservative) * Other sources: toothpastes with sls, mints, gums,, metals, medications.

Prevention. How can I prevent apthosis ulcers!

As the old saying goes “a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”! Still holds true, especially when the pain of a canker sore is interfering with our quality of life.

Let’s face it. Once a canker sore/apthosis ulcer appears it’s to late. We can only throw products at it to try and minimize the pain. It becomes a waiting game, when will it go away.

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